Monday, May 25, 2009

Designer Goods

With tobacco stained teeth and dried saliva encrusting the corners of his mouth, his hollow bloodshot eyes darts suspiciously from car to car. His gaunt and stooped frame carries his raggedy clothing like a burden. His coarse hair is unkempt and reddish from hours in the sun and his skin is black and grimy from same. His calloused hands have thick veins running along them and dirt caked underneath their claws. He hovers around the traffic light waiting till it screams “Halt” and then makes his move in two swift strides, shoves his hand into the window, and tries to peddle me his lonely “Giorgio Armani” perfume and “Rolex” watch for “something small”!


  1. One guy tried to snatch my phone around close to the Bani hostel which is near Presec. It wat at about 2 am, i was riding in a cab, and the road there is very bad so the driver had to slow down. i was looking ahead. I turned my head to find a man crouching near my window. I screamed!

  2. I know, Esi. Its very scary at times. Hope you got home safe.

  3. Same thing happened to a pal abt 18 months ago in that area. Maybe it was "cigarette" the monster from the anansesem about Dora who stayed out late. At 2am you were lucky it was not the taxi driver who attacked.