Friday, September 4, 2009

Of unending complaints and so on…

I’ve had enough

You say I’m rough

I’ve had my fill

Of your bitter pill

I give my best

To you, it’s a jest

I give my all

You ask if that’s all

So today I wake up

This hour I wise up

I’m leaving you

‘Cause I can’t please you

Pardon me?

Excuse me?

Did I hear, “Please stay”?

Oh, do tell, I pray

If you see only flaws

If I have only faults

Why should I stick around?

Why should I come around?


  1. Poor 'man'...reflection of a past me...sometimes people just need a little jolt to start think straight again. Love it!

  2. PLEASE LEAVE LA!!! NOTHING WILL EVER PLEASE THIS PERSON... even if you become Jesus Christ, the person will say you're a devil..

  3. Mhmm, Antye504, a jolt is needed sometimes!

  4. AO, lmao, 'please leave la!' I can feel your exasperation! Hehehe.

  5. I guess it's just time to move on. Beautiful piece

  6. Sometimes you have to learn to appreciate yourself. 'Cos you can do better!
    Thanks Lucci.(For commenting and following.;-))

  7. chale some people are just bitter...stick around with them n u won't even recognize urself when all is sed n done...i was talkin to a friend n she was sayin how she feels like she is not good enuf for her man cos he is always talkin about financial news n stuff n its like she doesn't know whats going on, n i was saying how d next time he makes her feel like a complete moron, she should start talking about chemical reactions, sweet smelling esters, enzymes and stuff! wat rubbish..chale some men r just waste men, they dun have their shit together yet they r so quick to judge ur 'flaws' ... oo, how i despise guys who think they r d shit..piece of shit dats wat they r. o well...

  8. Hahaha Shels, once again you're making me laugh! Yes, lotsa people (men and women) do that. Always about them (and their fabulous life) and what is wrong with you... Forgetting that you put up with their flaws too...
    Learning to appreciate one's self is the key to freedom!

  9. enough is enough, you can only do so much.

  10. yes! walk away from him and come right to me!

    i see both good and bad. i'm not one-sided.

    and i won't give you no bitter pills.

    what you'd get is bitter-sweet! and it's sweet!

  11. @Kwegirba.... you still haven't left? hmm please let me know if you need me to help to pack your things for you enh.. It shall be done in 2 seconds!

  12. haha@ Abena Opokua. And as for novisi, he's just advertising. Methinks people treat us as we teach them to treat us. If a guy is giving you shit, and you take it smiling, he'll give you even more shit. He'll keep pushing the envelope until as Shels said, after a while, you won't recognise who you've become. So yeah, teach him how to talk to you, how to act around you and he'll either leave or stick around and do you right:)

  13. so where r u now!

    i've been waiting!