Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ghana’s ‘concrete jungle’

5:45am. Still dark and foggy. But I’m at the steer sipping on a cupa and feeling damned sleepy. A very long day lies awaiting. Not that it’s different from any other. I just feel like I should have been born in a little remote village where I didn’t have to be driving around in the wee hours of the morning. I ask myself if all the money in the world is worth the chase… No answer. Not that I was expecting any. Light turns red, I stop. I look to my left, a yawning man in his car. I look to my right, there is a trotro* full of still passengers. The driver yawns, I look at the passengers closely. They are all fast asleep. Every. Single One. Of. Them. Even the early morning hawkers look groggy and disheveled. Is this the dream life they bargained for when they left their towns and villages? Will they make it? Is this really a city where there’s nothing you can’t do? Er…

This concrete jungle post is inspired by Alicia Keyes’ new song (or new version) – Empire State of Mind, which I am sooooooo loving!
Trotro*- mini bus for public transport.


  1. I've been battling with such thoughts myself lately. Leaving home at 5.30 is no longer early enough. Shall we now go even earlier, at 5 am? Is it natural for humans to be up and about everyday before sunrise?

  2. This is it- It is called "making it"!
    The rat race is the only alternative in this day of modernism.

  3. NYA and Posekyere, I can only but sigh... Hmmm.

  4. Love this post. Similar thoughts cross my mind from time to time. Can't get enough of the Alicia Keyes song either...love the lyrics!

  5. Aww, I feel your pain...well, not exactly, but some verison of it. I do wish I was born in pre-colonial times though...my farm, my kids..sitting by the fireside without a care...*sigh*. I hope you win the jackpot sometime soon so you can opt out of this mad rat race! :)

  6. early mornings, late nights. never enough rest. never enough time.

    what a price we pay....