Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The date for the Accra Milo Marathon is out!
A week from today.
But I'm ill-prepared and scared to take part.
1. What if I can't finish?
2. What if I'm jostled out of the way by all the 'veterans'?
3. What if I faint or fall in a cringe-worthy manner?
Hmmm, we will see what the week brings.


  1. You have to participate and all the very best! I've recently started on a running programme and hope to participate in the Milo Marathon one day. I agree that participation is what matters...

  2. Tomorrow is the d day! tomorrow is the d day!

  3. it doesn't hurt to try.ok!sometimes it does, but that's what makes life interesting. All the best

  4. I wish all contestants the best. Break a leg guys.