Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Back to School Pt 1

I simply struck while the iron was hot.
There was a window of opportunity; I took it.
A long standing desire, it was not.
Surprise, surprise, I got it.

This is my little poem of how I managed to enroll for an LLM at UC Berkeley.
When I was called to the bar 3 years ago, I breathed a sigh of relief and I told myself that I will not set foot in a classroom for another five or so years, if ever at all.
But the opportunist and competitor in me did not allow this.
All of my formal education has been in Ghana.
I have quite a number of friends who had their undergraduate studies abroad.
I realised that their outlook to life is somewhat different from that of the average Ghanaian.
So I convinced myself that it had something to do with their education outside Ghana.
I decided if I want a piece of the pie they were having, I should also take steps to study abroad.
I simply searched for the top 10 law schools in USA, had a virtual tour and chose Berkeley.
There was no epiphany or some burning desire to go to school again.
There is no romantic story about it.
It was simply making use of an opportunity and being competitive.

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