Monday, April 26, 2010

5 random thoughts about Wanlov, the Kubolor…

I was at a bazaar on Saturday with a friend. I saw this ‘obroni-ish’ dreadlocked man standing there barefooted. I surreptitiously scanned the whole area to see if I could see a pair of sandals (flip flops or afro moses, anyone) lying around. Nothing. Then my friend remarked, “Oh, that’s Wanlov.” I found out 5 interesting things about him that have occupied all my “floating thoughts” all weekend long…

Would he walk to town everyday if he lived at Prampram, Kasoa or Oyibi and not Arirport (or is it Dzorwulu)?

Does he walk on the (mirage inducing) scalding sidewalks at midday barefooted too?

What if his loincloth hooks on a nail and snags? Would we see a (maybe toned) pale behind?

Does he not feel too much air passing around his… um…private regions when he walks around without briefs?

Are his T shirts made in Ghana too?

I wonder…


  1. He walks around brief-less?! Doesn't that border on illegal or something? I wonder what his answers to your questions would doubt, as interesting :)

  2. None of your business, or? kokonsa

  3. 1. i no dey walk to town... i dey take tro, taxi, i dey drive or ride moto in first come first serve order...wey i dey walk once i reach town...i no dey stay dzorwulu...e b der the studio dey...i dey stay ashongman...

    2. well as the meltin noon sands of bamako, labadi beach to the frozen streets of coppenhagen

    3. pale flat slightly toned behind...more chances that a girl will pull it off than an idle nail i might saunter by

    4. i assume u prefer salty musty balls to fresh ones?...

    5. some...zulu rose, 2heads, abongo, obroni waywu, scarecrow, prime ark,...

    i dey wander...

  4. @Tye, they say its a lifestyle.
    @Kofi, they say ,"se wo pe se wo ka asem kyere Nyame a, wo ka kyere mframa!" I knew the Kubolor read and I wanted him to reply as he just did! Since I was too chicken to approach and ask! Fait accomplis!
    @Kubolor, laughing at #3(I checked it out small!), I no longer need to wonder about "the wanderer"!;-)

  5. hehehe. awesome that wanlov was able to answer your questions. don't you just love the internet?

  6. I think I saw a pic of Kubolor and Mensa somewhere online.. (perhaps facebook)which (un)covers number 3. I'm just

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