Thursday, October 15, 2009

Girl’s story

So after I try to avoid looking at the breast feeding going on to my left, I’m but left with my right to look at. Now, this late teens/early twenties lady sitting by me is clearly in pain. But she seems so focused on her phone, tapping away at her keypad ferociously. I try not to steal glances at it, but I’m intrigued. What could be so important that it surpasses toothache? I didn’t have to wonder for long. Because she tapped my arm a few minutes later and said to me,

“Miss, can you please read this and see if it makes any sense?”

So I take the phone and read it, it’s a long jumbled up text and you guessed right, the text was to her boyfriend/love interest. The import of the text was, he wasn’t treating her right, someday someone will do so, she will then leave and he will look for her but not find her. But there were some proverbs and wise sayings laced in. Go figure.

Another shock! Is she really worrying about a boy when she had a toothache? (Mind you, my reaction would be the same if it was a boy worrying about a girl.) What happened to the akan saying about “kakaw, ayεmukaw nna εkaw (tr: toothache, stomachache and debt) being the three most painful things in the world? This girl has proved it so wrong! Or maybe not.


  1. so why u don't wanna look at breasties?

  2. You're a great observer! And the story you walked into was terrific. More the teen girl than the breastices, I think. And I am told relationships are really big today. I read online yesterday (maybe on a blog) that the biggest course in Legon is relationships!

  3. Right here is a beautiful view of human interaction.
    We were in a good place to watch,learn, touch and be touched.
    Bless you.

  4. Yes...heartache is the most painful of all the aches.

  5. hahaha...matters of the heart surpass physical pain. For all you know, it was a psychosomatic toothache!....hehe

  6. So, what was your response? Did you "approve" her text message?

  7. “Miss, can you please read this and see if it makes any sense?”..lolol...chale, she just wanted to start a convo, cos dis one paa dieh, how is it ur matter?
    But, hweh ,,, if your man is troublesome u will always be troubled but that text was funny..why wasn't she just leaving the boy immediately...why was she waiting till 'someday' when someone else would come and treat her right? She naa she has issues.

  8. From what I've learnt about K'ba, she probably made her start the message from scratch and write it in rhyming prose and allegory

  9. lol! simple. she felt the pains of her heart ache more than the pain of her tooth.

  10. @Esi, it just doesn't seem right to look at someone's breastices!;-)
    @NYA, a whole course? Wow!
    @Posekyere, bless you too.
    @NFA, really? The most painful of all. I see.
    @Maxine, so you agree with Nana Fredua eh?
    @Anon, I edited it paaaa!;-)
    @Shels, oh obaa, have some sympathy or the poor girl eh?
    @Faf, oh am I that bad? As I said I edited it....paaa. Hehehe.
    @Myne, welcome to my blog!Some people agree with you.
    @Femme, welcome, welcome! Hmmm, true.;-)