Wednesday, June 3, 2009


From tens of miles away,
Eagle fixes his eye on Seabird,
On a cliff,
Basking with his mates in the sun after a swim,
Eagle swoops downward in a smooth and calculated glide,
Seabird and his mates free fall,
In a downward spiral,
Attempting to confuse Eagle,
Eagle keeps his eye fixed on Seabird,
Seabird’s mates zigzag,
Eagle has eyes for no one else,
Finally Eagle is close enough to grasp Seabird,
In his powerful claws,
Eagle wins the prize!
He never lost focus.


  1. Oh yes! I've found something I've been looking for forever, in your words. You genius!

  2. I hope you find something in every post! You genius!

  3. wish i could always win my prize with half that kind of focus no matter the zigging or zagging that come my way!

    Nana is right.

  4. Lol Novisi, don't we all wish same? But when you are only 50% focused, you have time to look at the "zigzag-ers" and lose! 100% focus is what is needed and you will always win!

  5. That was lovely.
    Reminds one to never lose focus*