Friday, June 5, 2009

To Ewuradjoa

Grief- Great sadness because of an event
Sorrow- A deep sadness caused by loss
Distress- Mental suffering caused by grief
Heartache- A powerful feeling of sorrow
Anguish- Extreme anxiety or emotional torment
Pain- Severe emotional or mental distress
Mourning- The feeling or showing of deep sadness at somebody’s death
These are but a few of the ways I feel when I think of you.
Rest In Peace, Theresa Mullen-Essien.


  1. I feel almost the same when I think about my Dad...But then I remember that because of his life many were healed and happy, and because he is gone, now he can be rewarded for being the blessing he was/is I am comforted. Rest in Peace, Theresa Mullen-Essien, Rest In Peace, Daddy.

  2. sober moments right?

    i pray!

  3. Thank you for the kind words, Novisi and Antye504. She was my cousin. Lovely young woman who passed away at the tender age of 31... May God rest her soul.

  4. Theresa was a friend and a sister. Lost touch a cople of years back. I remember the last time we met at her dad's funeral. I cannot hold back my tears. Thess, may you find resting place in the Lord's bosom. You have fought a good fight, you have played your role effectively on this earth. May the Lord grant you eternal peace. Amen.

  5. Rest in perfect peace Tessy.I remember you in Legon.So beautiful and always with a smile. I pray God takes care of your family and grant them comfort.

  6. Josephine Mullen-EssienOctober 3, 2009 at 9:00 AM

    I am saddened by the passing of my beautiful sister.Ewuradjoa, us we are call her.Was a very strong woman. I remember all the childhood memories of her, the silly jokes we shared,the laughter, teasing each other and even those sister fights. You will be dearly missed. I can't even imagine the pain she had to go through..... oh sis! but as christians I believe you are resting safely in the arms of God and praying for us. I love you so much sis.
    Rest in peace!!!!