Saturday, June 6, 2009


Mpanyimfo se, sε εtwe ahoma na sε w’ammba a, biribi dzi mu.
Tr: Elders say, if you draw a cord and it doesn’t come easily to you, something must be hindering it.
This is one proverb that may make many a man/woman retort, “But of course!”
But I was thinking about this today.
Sometimes you put your whole self into a friendship or a relationship.
The other party however seems like an obstinate mule, happy with just staying put.
You sit back and ask yourself, “What am I doing wrong?”
Should something as easy as a friendship or a love relationship be difficult to draw?
It’s a cord. Made from fibre, not lead.
It should be easy to draw.
Why doesn’t your ‘friend’ return your calls or e mails?
Why doesn’t your ‘man/woman’ want to commit a little more?
There must be something hindering them.


  1. man needs some space a lot of the time!

    i hope that cord never gets pulled to be used to tie me down!

    i want to fly!

    but of course, there must be what something to oil the mutual feelings!

    but tie me down not!

    i will fly!

  2. Yes Novisi, everyone needs their "me-time". But sometimes when you know a friend is having enough "me-time" and yet the cord draws no further, it must be hindered!

  3. I loving this one sooooo much, right now. You're very, very perceptive. You know how to tell a story.

  4. For someone twentyish you are ahead of the learning curve of your peers.
    My take is, it depends on how you do the pulling. Men come in different animal-characters. A sheep will respond pretty quickly to a gentle pull. A goat will require a lot more cajoling.
    A dog will always be a dog. Incorrigible! Lol.
    A donkey... it thrives under lots of burdens. You load it with nagging and tantrums then it respond.
    But a mule? An obstinate mule? Geez, who can deal with? Set it free and get yourself a horse.Hahaha!

  5. Thanks Nana Yaw, I shall endeavour to tell more stories!

  6. Posekyere, I shall heed your advice and get myself a horse that will run free with me!

  7. .. but you can force a horse to a stream.. Doesn't mean you can force it to drink water..

  8. Roc, I won't even force the horse to the stream. I'd rather it came along willingly, no?

  9. @savvy... free will is over-rated. whip that horse into submission!

    it really does want to go to the stream, it just doesnt know it yet.

  10. Faf, lol @ "whipping into submission"! So I've learned, its thirsty for that stream!

  11. speak resonates with me and I have cut that there is no cord to draw and I am hurt but I am glad.

  12. Nana F-A, sometimes the best decisions are the toughest ones! Keep on moving!