Monday, June 1, 2009


In the wee hours of Saturday morning, clouds gathered and threatened to weep in no small measure. It was accompanied by a gust of wind. Ah, beautiful! The night before I espied some ripe juicy mangoes on the tree in the yard, but they were too high to pick. So with all that wind... Ah, just beautiful! I rolled out of bed a couple of hours later put on my slippers and robe, picked a large bowl from the kitchen and strolled to the tree. Shock! Pure shock! Just shock! There were no mangoes under the tree. Or on it. Or beside it. Or any preposition to it! My neighbor had scaled the wall and…GRRRRR. So I have decided to write on the kind of neighbours we all may have. There are four kinds;
Nice Neighbours: These are the ones that wave whenever they see you. You exchange pleasantries with them and you all move on. You exchange cards and presents with them at Christmas. You can borrow their water hose and they can borrow your shears and you know it will come back in good condition. Lovely.
Noisy Neighbours: They are just a pain. The pound fufu at 8pm, wash pots and pans after the evening meal right out there and very loudly. They have an equally noisy dog who barks up a tree. They wake up at 4am to pray (which is good), very loudly (which is not good).You can even keep a tab on their conversations because you hear everything… Oh, and they scale walls too. (Hehehe)
Nosy Neighbours: These pretend to be nice but they are just nosy. They are the kind that do not know how to simply talk about the weather and move on. They have to ask you when you are getting married or some other silly question. They are the ones that reported you to your parents as being a naughty boy/girl when you were a teenager because they saw you in the company of A or B, just once!
Nonchalant Neighbours: These are the kind that pretend no one exists. They do not say hello. They don’t make eye contact. They don’t care what happens in the neighbourhood. They are wrapped up in their own world. They are the kind that make you wish they will crash into a tree (only a little) so you see who they will call! Lol.


  1. Reading this was refreshingly satisfying; i really liked it - short and giggly-sweet. :)

    I have the nice neighbors just next door-genuinely good people.

    Most nights I can pass for the noisy neighbor( both to those within and around my house) *blush*.

    Used to have nosy neighbours just down the street, and I try quite hard to not be the nonchalant neighbor.

    Oh yea, i used to have and still have the cross-between-the-noisy-and-nosy-who-put-up the-nice-front neighbors; the most terrible kind to encounter!

  2. You mean the neighbours climbed over the wall into your yard to help themselves to mangoes?
    I can't trust these sorts of neighbours. Next time you know they get into your house to help themselves to whatever you have.
    Geez! That is so un-neighbourly!

  3. My neighbours pretty much ignore me and one other. And I, them. Nice piece. Thoughtful and clever. Meriting publishing sooner or later (Hint)

  4. @antye504, I like your honesty. I must confess I am a bit of a nonchalant neighbour when the mood is on!*double blush*
    @posekyere, very un-neighbourly! I said a few choice words loudly across the wall hoping they will hear.*blush again*
    @ Nana Yaw, hint taken.;-) Why don't you take the first step and break the "nonchalance"? You might be invited to a meal of fufu and "akrantie" one Bachelor-sunday afternoon, you know?Lol.