Thursday, November 12, 2009

I’ve always wondered…

What should you say to someone who offers you drugs (like heroin or coke), “No, thanks.” or “F**k off!”?

Would the former not be asking to be coerced?

Would the latter not be too rude and hurtful?

Should everyone try it at least once so you know it’s really nothing to write home about?

What if you try it and like the feel of it?

PS. I haven’t been offered any. I just wonder because it seems so remote to me…


  1. Hmmm as Kiki Gyan, the famous keyboardist who was once a millionaire but had to die with nothing, once said: Always resist your first smoke. It would send you to doom. I do not miss what I do not know. Do I?

  2. My first job involved working with former heroin addicts on methadone maintenance as well as with cocaine/crack addicts who had lost EVERYTHING to drugs. After seeing so many people with Hepatitis C and collapsed veins as well as brains completely fried by cocaine, I would definitely say F**K can NEVER be too rude and hurtful.

  3. Ah Nana its true. You don't miss what you don't know. But aren't you the least bit curious as to what the hype is??????

  4. Abena Serwaa, your first hand experience gives you the right to say so. Somehow I think I need that kind of experience... As I said it seems so remote if you have never physically seen anyone like that, does it not? Somehow reading about it makes you seem like an over-educated ignoramus, eh?;-)

  5. I mean, I dun think F off is rude, especially if u dun really know d person. I've been offered, twas going around in a circle and I said no thanks, maybe next time. Knowing very well that i would always pass on the offer, but didn't want to deal with the long tin-ness of why? u shd try it? etc etc...
    Some things are way too addictive to be taking certain chances...especially if u kno its going to be available tomorrow as well, u kno..not very hard to find...then what will stop u from continuing wen u miss it? u dig?

  6. I wouldn't risk it. I'll give both answers and more if need be.

  7. Shels and Myne, I see you are as scared as I am. True, some things are just not worth risking.