Thursday, November 19, 2009

Of adulterous women and so on…

They named him

They shamed him

They named her

They stoned her

They screamed justice

I scream brutish


  1. Is this about the Sudanese woman recently stoned to death?
    And BTW, is stoning easier on the conscience than execution? Or are the judges usually masochists ... hope not! Why not just stone em both then ... while you're at it, I say? Why leave the man to continue bringing more women to the 'abbatoir' ?!

  2. I agree, always degrading the women and exalting men,whose faults are seen as minor incidents.. hmmm

  3. It's a man's world still especially in those parts. God have mercy on the women.

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  4. And they who stoned her were similarly sinning!

  5. Why make the woman suffer by enduring so much pain before death? And they gave the man 100 lashes...

    So, two people are guilty and one gets the chance to nurse his wounds whilst the other(who by the way is a female)dies... What an unfair world we live in...

  6. the last time i had this convo with someone, i was called a 'bitter feminist' haha... so i won't say much, because if i start i won't finish. Same thing with 'the playa' and 'the Ho'.... All i'll say is, double standards and bullshit, double standards and bullshit! Plus I've always thought the law was messed up. How do you put a bunch of hypocritical ppl to judge another bunch of hypocritical ppl? Shoot, I sed all i'd say is 'double standards and bullshit' eh.. haha, ok, i'll stop talking.

  7. Of course this is an unspeakable crime against this woman, and against all women, for that matter. I think the proper context to view this in is the state of lawlessness that exists in that part of Sudan. The entire populace lives at the whim of a group of armed thugs. Small comfort, I know, but that is the problem.

  8. May God forgive them. The weight of this crime breaks the gender scale we are trying to put it on. I really feel sorry for this woman and everybody who loves her or is related to her. I feel sorry for every good hearted human being who lives in the Sudan. I pray they will never accept the darkness as their lot and will fight till light shines through.

    This poor sister is the victim of a sick and unfair world. It is heart breaking when terrorists act in the name of God. In this particular story, the excuse is her gender. Tomorrow, it will be faith, tribe , country, continent or complexion.

    What kind of blood-thirsty god do these sick people serve?