Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blogging Discipline

I have no reason for not blogging for so long

I have had no exams in recent past

I’m no longer studying (well at least not in school)

I still have a million and one blogging topics that used to make my readers smile

I was just not blogging

Then toward the end of last year, my very good friend told me I have no “blogging discipline”

I think he's right (though I did not readily admit it)

So I’m gonna try

Happy New Year!

(I hope you will read and comment)


  1. Savvy, I do not know who your friend is, but I think they are right! Maybe not discipline, but loads of passion. Welcome back. This space was missed.

  2. you! you owe your readers couple really good posts! they better be grand! hahah..kidin' but glad you're back!

  3. Welcome back then. I still think of the topic about the items found in a lady's bag.

  4. @NY- I'll introduce you two.
    @ Maxine - I shall do my best
    @ Nana - Thanks. Will keep it coming.