Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pet Cemeteries in Accra

My puppy died last night
It happened as soon as I got home
I wasn’t particularly sad
I did not cry
(BTW, I bawled when my dog of 10 yrs died in 2000)
I wasn’t really attached to it
So I proceeded to dig a hole
To bury his tiny lifeless body
In the backyard
My mum said to me, “We do not bury pets at home!”
Whoa? Superstition? Tradition?
I don’t know.
So I buried him on some vacant land
I wasn’t in the mood to argue
But I wanted to prove a point
So I asked her, “Where are the pet cemeteries in Accra?”
She couldn’t tell me.
Do you know? Have you heard of this “superstition” before?


  1. aww sad! :( who's vacant land? lol

  2. Home made abattoirs. Pets are not buried they are butchered. If they were sick then they are burnt. Cats and dogs alike become part of the soup, no pet cemeteries necessary in the motherland.

  3. Maxine, some unfortunate person I do not know. Its just sitting there so I used it. Hehehe.

  4. KFC, true. But its all meat? Lol.

  5. the title reminds of Stephen King's Pet Sematary. I know not of one

  6. Just spoke to my office-mate about burying pets at home. He sees no problem with this. Mind you, he's the guy who donated his ailing, faithful dog to some grateful men who made the dog an integral part of their soup!

  7. We bury them all in holes somewhere on the grounds at home, don't we.

  8. @Nana F, I remembered it too. Once upon a time I loved all things Stephen King. Well, I guess I still do...maybe I'm going to do a reread.:-)
    @ Abena, oh this your office mate is suspect paa oh? A friend of mine had a pet goat, they played with, the whole year, it got a lil sick, they took him to the vet, it got better they played some more...then Christmas came. Need I say more? Yikes!
    @ Nana Yaw, thats what I thought too. :-)