Thursday, January 6, 2011


My boss and I were in a little debate about who can multitask better. Of course, I went for the woman, he went for the man and proceeded to say, the pinnacle of multitasking is when a man is able to:
&     1. Drive
&     2. Carry on a conversation with the wife
&     3. Check out the hot girl on the street
&     4. Not get caught (by the wife)
&     5. Not crash the car

Needless to say, he beat me hands down.


  1. Hmmm, i'm not too sure if that counts as multi-tasking...hehe.

  2. Seems like most of these tasks are related to the visual sensation... if I told you what I could do with all my senses, your blog might crash! :)lol... but really, the girl in question is most likely
    1.eyeballing a couple prospects while walking on the street...including Mr. in the car
    2.walking,swaying, sashaying and balancing perfectly on high heels(quite fascinating on it's own)
    3.still walking while probably in a conference call giving the 411 on the current situation
    4.aware of Mr. in the car with Mrs by his side but he's still checking her out and she is being coy about it so that Mrs. will realize she's classy(or not!)while maintaining her demeanor to the outside world...hahaha
    5.dodging traffic both human and motor vehicular
    If that's the pinnacle for a man, then it's sad 'cos we could do this all day without touching up our make up!

  3. NY - Still licking!
    Blogoratti - That was kinda why I could think of nothing quick to retort with! Hehehe.
    Maxine - You are the sheeeeeeez! Hahaha. That was good.

  4. lol... great multitask. I guess with Maxine's intervention the woman has won.

  5. *LOL* Nice one but I still think women win overall when it comes to multitasking.

  6. Abena, I think Maxine has won it for us!!:-)