Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Forget me not

How many times

Have you forgotten

A name

Your keys

Your to-do list

A birthday

And then kicked yourself


Because you forgot

Well, think of it

If you never forgot

Always remembered

Always vivid

Everything you did

All the pain

All the anger

All the vicious words

Others have said

Raw emotions

Flowing tears?

Forgetfulness, a blessing

On this earth.


  1. I would prefer to forget and I do forget. Hei can't remember all these? Would die...tis good to forget.

  2. Selective memory works wonders too! You can intentionally repress the memory of the unpleasant experience... ah, life!

  3. I agree with the 'panel'. Forgetfulness is bliss, sometimes.

  4. Crisp, Kwegyirba!
    Did I tell you I love the way you write?
    Hmmm forgetfulness...is one of the healing ways of life.
    But I firmly believe that forgetfulness is mostly a choice though. I forget because I choose to forget.
    The point is, what good is there in remembering moments of pain and shame anyway?
    On the other hand, woe is the man that forgets the dates and anniversaries of his partner.

  5. @Nana F, yes, 'tis good to forget!
    @Maxine, selective repressed memory however has a sneaky way of creeping up on you though.
    @Nana Y, bliss it is.
    @Posekyere, thanks you. Yeah, if you forget the birthday, you are in for trouble. I will only forgive if he also forgot his own birthday too.:-)