Tuesday, July 14, 2009


How do you say
A visceral thought
To a logical man?
Will he appreciate?
Or will he think you
Slightly insane?
The latter is more likely
But the hunch shan’t leave
Till you say.


  1. It's like telling an Atheist that his sickness is caused by a devil somewhere and that he needs prayers to get it healed.

  2. That's based on the assumption that the logical man has no viscera, or is indeed not human. He also has his emotions and impulses. He feels (and not with this head) just like everybody else. He may think you insane, but I say it's better to be insane that a doorknob.

  3. Oh thanks Nana. You made me look at the other side too. But the truth is sometimes the logic takes them over and they ignore the gut... I'll try not to be a doorknob too.;-)