Friday, July 31, 2009

Who said “white lies” don’t hurt?

He: “Will you come to the party at XYZ club on Saturday?”

Me(shifty eyes): “Er I’m not sure I have to do this thing with my sister at uhm…”

He: “Oh, but can’t you come afterwards?”

Me(scratching neck): “Uhm, it might be late by the time we finish but er, I’ll see what I can do.”

He: “I’d really like you to come.”

Me(stifled sigh + wide smile): “Ok I’ll be there.”

He: “That’s brilliant, will see you then.”

Conversation discarded by Me.

Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Saturday-Morning, afternoon, late afternoon, evening. Lounging. Phone call. Who? He! He? He!

He: “Hey, what’s up? Where are you? Its 10:30pm.”

Me(rush of thoughts): “You won’t believe this, I came but couldn’t find the place. I asked all manner of people but they couldn’t help and because it was late I just came back home…”

Silence. 2 sec. 5 sec. 8…

Me(heart in mouth): Hello? He?

He: Yes?

Me(‘Geez, I’m effed’ thoughts): Did you hear what I just said?

He: “Yeah, I’m just trying to figure out how you took 45mins to dress up, 45 mins to drive over here 30 mins to get lost, another 45 mins to drive back home all before 10:30 for a party that started at 8pm.”

Me(self image dwindled to size of peanut): “Uh, er...I’m not sure”


  1. hahahahaa!

    sweet narration that comes rare!

    ok. so i'd try to figure out the 'puzzle' for you since you're "...not sure".

  2. I love this...but what i gather is that if the person is not interested don't ask. I normally don't ask more than twice. I find it difficult to convince because i believe each person is rational enough to know what is best for him/her. But it surely do hurt.

  3. Nana Fredua, yeah I'm sure they do hurt.

  4. my math is bad. just like 'she' is a bad liar. the relationship soon he will retire.
    little white lies used while under attack
    shall slowly but surely break the camel's back.

  5. Geez KAO!
    So what was the reason for not showing up?
    You did not dig him? When a girl sends contra- signala I take it as a message for me to back-off. I would have come to fetch you in this case!
    I suppose what I am saying is what made you tell the white lies? The devil? Hehehe.

  6. Roach, ok ok. I'm sure 'she' is feeling bad already! Camel's back, humph!

  7. Posekyere, I'm sure it was the work of the devil, it was!