Thursday, July 23, 2009


There are 4 categories of friends people have. (According to me)

Girl friends/Boy friends- Depending on whether you are a guy or girl, you have these. Well sometimes, they are of the opposite sex. They are the friends you have had since you were in nappies. They know everything about you, and yet they still love you. You know their Grandparents and they know yours. They are the first person anyone will call if they couldn’t find you. The closest thing you have to a best friend.

Perpetual Crush- This is the guy/girl that you have never dated but you have a crush on. You probably never dated that person because, you both had partners or your best friend fancied him/her before you did or there is something simply not right about him/her. Even though you fancy this guy/girl you somehow know that you would never date them because if you did, it would never work.

The man/woman- This is the love of your life. You may marry him/her or you may not. But you know that you will always love that person no matter what the person does. If you are fortunate enough to be dating or married to that man/woman, then life’s heaven. (Awww)

The Haters- You tolerate them. You know they hate your guts and/or you hate theirs but for some unspoken reason, you pretend to like each other. (The smiling makes my face hurt) The reason for the hatred is diverse. It could be because they were smarter than you in elementary school, or that you are richer than them, or worse they have the body you have always wanted. Sometimes you don’t like them simply because they talk too much or try to copy everything you do.

Did I miss any?


  1. hahaha... the h8ers got me laughing! I think there could be a few more categories... this is pretty much the major ones I guess :)Could the Perpetual crush also be the man/woman you are in love with?

  2. Hmmm what about those you are dating but you don't want and can't say it? hahaha....your list is tight but I believe some people would add unto the list. I love the last part, the HATERS...tis every where...found myself in one or two of this list...

  3. Geez!
    Do you realize that you left us out.
    Cyber friends. The types that you connect with only virtually.
    Even though you don't reaaly know them, somehow you assume they are "friends".

  4. Yeah, Maxine the haters are something else! I guess some categories fuse into others so maybe the perpetual crush could be the man/woman.:-)

  5. Nana F, maybe it will fall under the haters. You know, you kind of pretend to like them but you really do not? What you think? Hehehe

  6. Posekyere, yes, thats a good one. Cyber friends. I'm sure most of us will shrivel and blow away without our cyber friends. I'm always eager to read the commentaries and start discussions. What will I do without y'all?;-)

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