Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My bag

Here’s a list of 10 things you will always in my bag or purse.

1. Hand sanitiser

2. Make up bag (mascara, lip gloss, eye liner, pressed powder, little body splash, etc.)

3. Sanitary towel/tampon

4. Tissue (I don’t use hankies. At all)

5. Hand cream

6. Wallet (ATM/Debit Cards, ID Cards, cash, pictures, a special note from 2007;-))

7. Analgesic

8. Diary

9. Nail file

10. Mobile Phone

Ok, I’m at 10 but there are still some things I haven’t put down…

11. Hairpins

12. Safety pins

13. Gum

14. Small notebook

15. Organiser

16. Pen

17. Camera

18. Keys

19. Sunglasses

20. Sweets and/or their wrappers.

No it’s not a huge bag or a mini suitcase! It’s a regular sized ladies bag. I know some of it is pretty weird but who’s not anyway? Those who didn’t know now know.


  1. Hmm! the things we keep in our bags...Well I don't carry any bag if I am going out except when I am going to work which contains a laptop and some papers, diary and a novel. Yes I carry novels to work.

    No. 7 please don't emulate the Wacko Jacko man...died of Demerol overdose...if it is to be believed...now that they are weaving into it a murder scenario...phew...contempt

  2. Years ago, a friend and I were fond of teasing one girl in particular who lived in the hood. We liked her. My friend used to look into her bag to see what it contained. One day a lady, who had noticed our antics, seriously sat us down and lectured us about the utter danger for a boy to look into a girl's bag. The way she spoke sent shivers down my spine. Since then I have developed a phobia of ladies' hand bag.
    The listed contents of your bag, for me, are really therapeutic in many respect.
    Thanks, Kwegyirba, for allaying some of the fears!

  3. Hahaha, Nana F, i don't oveuse no 7. But if its any help read it in light of no 3... Or for long stressful days when the headache shows its ugly face!

  4. Posekyere, the inspiration for this post is a whole host of Ghanaian men like you. I have been told by many a man that "I can't look into a ladies bag" when I ask them to grab something for me. Even the ones that are very close to me. And yet they always wonder what goes on in the bag because of this Ghanaian myth. So I am glad you have been "healed"!
    PS. Don't go looking in any woman's bag anyway. Now you know the sort of things to expect.;-)

  5. Oh goodness, not to take away from your post, but I'd like to share the contents of my purse if you dont mind..... :-)

    Wallet, cellphone, umbrella, keys, ipod, hand sanitizer, 3 extra headphones (why oh why), phone usb cord, extra ipod charger, gum, mints, midol, advil, mini tissue pack, extra [phone] car charger (damn blackberry!), mirror, sunglasses, eye glass case, eye glass cleaner, extra eyeglass cleaning cloth, and since I dont have a makeup bag, lip gloss, nail file, mini manicure set, dental floss and these new mini tooth brushes by colgate called wisp.

    WOW, I carry a lot of useless/useful things in my bag. No wonder its so heavy.

  6. Oh I forgot to add moist wipes, hand lotion and pantie liners. lol.

  7. Hahaha, Anonymous, was looking for other people to share their purse contents as well. Yours has me in stitches! Mini toothbrush?Three extra headphones? How many ears do you have? Lol. I'm ready to bet that at a point none of them would be working when the need arises.... Oh I just looked, I also have two headphones. *bows head in shame* I think one was from the plane though... and a sleep mask. *more shame*. We are women armed to the tooth!
    Ps. I recommend a makeup bag or you will find yourself pouring out all the contents just for that lip gloss! Loved your comment, Anon.

  8. Thinking with Nana F. Are you in pain all the time? :)

  9. Nana Yaw, pain in the a**e. Lol. Oh, its just in case of emergencies. Look, Anonymous even has both midol and advil. I usually have just tylenol.:-)

  10. Come to think of it, why does Nana F carry a novel to work? Are you a skiver, eh Nana?

  11. About the headphones: how do I explain. Lets see, I have one that came with my phone, 2 ipod headphones which I just found out are crap headphones (the left bud of one doesnt work, hence the second pair) because I just happen to buy one I thought was pretty. Thats the main one I use now, so really, I have 4 headphones. lol.

    I'm going to get rid of the other 2 now!

    For the longest time, I had a sleep mask too that I got from the plane. So dont even worry about it. I used to have a makeup bag but that thing looked so busted from heavy use that I had to throw it away, not because of how busted it looked, but to spare myself from embarrassment.

  12. Anon, embarrassing busted makeup bag, huh? A woman has gotta keep her image! Hahaha. I'm glad I'm not the only one with the plane memorabilia, though. I've thrown it out now!

  13. wow, I thought I had too much junk in my bag but obviously not! I also always carry a water bottle with or without water. I fill up wherever I get water! haha... I like the contents of your bag, Iris! They are very essential! If I didn't know you, I would conclude you were a nurse!

  14. Maxine, the water idea is great. I sometimes get so parched. I'm glad to I'm not the only one tagging a bag full of useful/useless stuff about...Oh, if its any help, I'm the daughter of a nurse!

  15. Nii Saki, more like 250 gig! They say big things come in small packages, huh? Lol.

  16. ah, I knew there had to be a medical professional somewhere in the mix! Nurses are the best... I'm a little biased:)

  17. I started looking/searching women's bags with my mum's bag. I would search everyday that she comes from work because she would always have something to give us. It has become an addiction and whether you are my girlfriend or a close friend I would search your bag the very moment you come to visit me. They always reprimand me and the things I have seen...what!...but I don't bother I still do it. If she were my girlfriend I don't even think about it, I just do it. If she is a close friend sometimes I try hard to restrain myself. I just love the surprises...

    So KAO, I know what you mean by the no. 3. It has graciously graced my eyes a lot of the time. hahahaha

  18. KAO just saw your comment. I carry a novel because I read on my way to work, from work, (sometimes at work), at the loo...please forgive me, even if it is just a sentence (visit my blog and you would understand why)...lol...I am a very quiet guy (phew I am blushing in my melanin-filled skin) and want to remain as such...more blushing (though I don't turn red, I turn green)

  19. Hahaha, thanks Nana F, for the enlightenment!

  20. The things we carry along...no wonder our bags our so heavy. I quite remember being asked this question..."do u have a human head in ur bag". I guess cos it was/is too heavy.

    I know one thing u forgot to add was ur Ventolin Inhaler i.e item # 21.


  21. Hahaha Days, yes my Ventolin Inhaler. Thats what you don't have in your bag!xx