Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Looking for love

They call her promiscuous
A slut
But they take from her
What she’s willing to give
In exchange
For their “kind” words
Their feigned interest
Their false affection
So quick to condemn her
For falling for their deceit
For seeking happiness
For looking for love


  1. You make serious issues sound so simple. That is the power of using the mind. I agree with you 200%. You deceive, she falls and you name her... what about the deceiver?

  2. 1. Does the fact of inducement make a slut any less a slut?

    2. Does the seducer have no shame in calling his 'victim' a slut?

    3. Isn't the theme of feminism creeping into Savvy's posts, generally?

  3. @Nana Fredua, the best solution to any problem is the simplest one- Occam's Razor.
    @Cockroach, yeah it needs some thinking about, I think.
    @Nana Yaw,
    1. Who determines who a slut is?
    2. I don't know, honestly.
    3. What is feminism? This blog is about the world through my eyes. I only say it as I see it. Yes, I am a feminist but I don't seek to condemn or militate against anyone. There is bound to be some bias here as it is only my narrow view I put out, no? If you are so inclined, write on the same topic and lets compare notes. I bet it will be fun.

  4. they! yes they are just pretenders!


  5. its a pity the name calling would have to be for 'her'...