Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A new year

Today is my birthday and as I was reading all my birthday wishes, I just started thinking of all the things I would want to have happened or I would aspire to do this next year. I’m gonna list a few here; I hope

I will draw closer to God

I will be generally nicer to people

I will be patient

I will exercise more- at least 4 times a week

I will eat healthier (less chocolate and ice cream)

I will try to control the road rage (Thanks trotro drivers)

I will return phone calls

I will stop procrastinating (Abena take a cue. ;-))

I will study more often

I will give to the poor and/or do some volunteer work

I will keep in touch with friends

I will learn a new language

I will sharpen my knitting, crocheting and sewing skills

I will have at least “50 savvy lovers”!

I hope I would have finished my final year of school by now. Yay!

A year from today, I will let y’all know how I did. Thanks once again to all of those who sent me those lovely messages.


  1. :)all do-able I think. remember that if you fall short on your exercise goal, don't beat yourself up on it. Just pick up right where you left becomes a habit with time.I feel like a big fat blob when I don't workout!Same with getting closer to God. He will be right where you fell just gotta keep reminding yourself.

  2. Happy birthday fellow blogger...

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, Maxine. I will work HARD!

  4. May be it is past but some years ago today you were a day or two old, hence let me say HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Love your list and in keeping to them you would need real will. Don't focus on the things you want to do but the benefits that it would bring this would eliminate the tedium and the difficulty it comes to keeping them. Enjoy THE DAY.

  5. Happy Birthday!! I hope your day was special. I love your looks very much like my annual New Year's resolutions to be broken list. Somehow the exercise more/eat healthier part (and of course the procrastination) seems to get me every year but I know all things are possible with a will power :)

  6. Have a wonderful birthday!!!
    I hope that God hears your prayers.
    Bless you, KAO.

  7. Happy Birthday Yo!

  8. You will keep in touch with friends. I assume I am a friend. Therefore you will keep in touch with me. A measurable thing. I'm watching and waiting. With a whip if necessary.

  9. @Roach, no I will. You will see it done!
    @Anon, thanks Yo!
    @Esi, hahaha. Now I'm dealing with threats? I promise on my honour...