Monday, August 3, 2009


I woke up this morning yearning for you

I started my day feeling blue

I thought it’d pass, I thought I’d be fine

Like a fool, I toed the line

Through the day it grew worse

It almost made me smile-averse

The day ended, how, I have no clue

I’m going to bed tonight yearning for you


  1. eish. this yearning is great oh. please take a cold shower and sleep wai.. hmmm

  2. Brilliant, K. It started the same way it ended. Hmm. Please spend a minute to edit..."toed the line"

  3. Hahaha. I will let 'her' know. I like..."wai"!

  4. Thanks Nana Yaw. Yes I decided to try one that begins and ends the same way. Never seen that done. Those were my first two lines. Oh and the correction, I "thesaurus-ed" it over and over because I'd never seen the spelling. Thanks.

  5. this is deep, very deep. love it to the max

  6. a yearning heart satisfaction must find or sleepless nights and restless days shall trouble the mind