Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The burial

He lay stone cold

No more to behold

He left little money

No milk and honey

Yet here he lay

In a coffin and array

The tab for which is unpaid

Dosh, a year he won’t ha’e made


  1. KAO, nice rhyme. Does line 8 belong? What does it mean;-)

  2. they spent more money on his funeral then he made in a year?

    if thats true, then its sad and WRONG!

  3. @Nana F, inevitable AND costly.
    @Nana Yaw, line 8 refers to line 7, the unpaid tab. More than his annual income, the dosh!
    @Roach, yes you hit the nail right on its head! Its wrong but thats what happens in Ghana, isn't it?
    @All, sorry for the failed communication!;-)

  4. Yes.
    What a waste!
    We watch and we talk.
    But do we ever learn?

  5. Always amazes me how we spend money when a person dies than spending it when the person is alive! Money always appears out of no where but no one seems to want to help when you really need the money in real life.

    Try$3,000 per person and this person had 11 kids... that's $33,000 on mandated funeral contribution on a funeral in Ghana! I'm not even talking about the extra expenses... but I guess if you gave your children all you got, they'll do anything for you even if it means treating you like a King on your trip outta this world

  6. The akan word for burial is "sie" which translates to "hide".

    We'll certainly cough up money to hide you, after all we know you wont be bothering us any more.

  7. Posekyere, I don't know why we don't learn. I've heard people put in their wills nowadays that they want a simple funeral...Maybe thats a start.

  8. Maxine, what?! $33,000 that is enough to put the poor nieces and nephews through secondary school and some! Its amazing. I agree they may want to give their beloved a burial fit for a King but, the person is dead for Christs sake. Does he see it? As long as it is decent, over the top costs should be avoided.

  9. Faf, hahaha. Good riddance to bad rubbish huh?