Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Easier Said

Funny how I can say

All the right things

Motivational quotes

Smart sayings

When the pain is not mine

When the anguish

The disappointment

The heartache

Belongs to someone else

But when the tables turn

I only feel sadness

Depression and agony

And not a single wise quote

Or uplifting word

Will my brain churn out

For my comfort


  1. hmmm.hmmm. hmmm when the pain is yours, only God can help you..

  2. When you're going through the storm, remember the advice you gave another and let that be your calm...

  3. So true..I was going through some stuff recently and if it was any of my friends I know EXACTLY what I would have said..but when it was mine, I kept making excuses, and my friend was like 'Shels, if it was me, you would say .....' It took me awhile, but I figured stuff out. Tell the person in question that repeating the advice in your head kinda helps, and PRAYER.

  4. Thing is Miss Maxy, I couldn't remember any. I suppose self pity kinda clouds your judgment, huh? Slowly getting there now.

  5. Aww Shels, thsnk you for not making me feel like a hypocrite. At least I know its normal... not just me. I'm picking up the pieces.

  6. NYA, hmmm big issues that gave a blow to my self esteem. If I was home you probably won't get any work done today!

  7. sending lots of e-Hugs your way!:)

  8. Right back at you, Miss Maxy!xx