Friday, August 7, 2009

What I do

I do what I do

You do what you do

What I do does not affect what you do

What you do does not affect what I do

I like what I do

You like what you do

I judge you not for what you do

Why do you judge me for what I do?


  1. I see what you mean.
    The lesson is this:whatever you do there is always somebody who will complain and judge.
    Somehow help them to live by the eleventh commandment- thou shall mind your own business.
    As a devil advocate though, I believe that everything we do does affect everybody else. No?

  2. i agree more with the point by posekyere that whatever we do affects other people or other creatures! including trees and fire and water and darkness.

    it's all connected if even beyond the perception of human senses!

    so i would just ignore the admonition from the bible sweetly and judge you! it's just an opinion after all.

    and you might just learn something from my judgment too!

    so just "don't worry! be happy"!

  3. No Posekyere, not everything affects everyone else. Sometimes they are just being nosy!;-)

  4. Hmm Novisi, some esp eh? Ok, we should all try and see some sense in some people's judgement.

  5. and my judgment is that you are beautiful

    you, witty you!

    you are awesome!

  6. Novisi, you make my 'dark' skin blush! Thanks.