Sunday, August 23, 2009

Black and white are also colours of the rainbow!

The last meeting

Was a teary parting two decades ago

The joys leaving school called

The promises of tomorrow beckoned

Each went to their own

To make bread with the grain given

Today she bumps into her in town

Her life seems like a rainbow

Complete with that pot of gold

A thriving business for her work

A wealthy hunk for her husband

A life in HD

She, not so much, she muses

She hasn’t had much colour

Single mother, runaway dad

Struggling to make ends meet

It seems she’s been given a raw deal

A life in black and white

They are pretend they’re happy to see each other

They secretly eye each other enviously

Each wants what the other has

A son for one, a husband for the other

Oh, but they have a lot more in common

They both cry themselves each night to sleep


  1. awww... to embrace and feel each others pain! They need to sit down and share what life has dealt them!

  2. you are great. yes it does happen always. You may not know what you have until you lose it. at the end of the day they both have something they lack.

  3. Hmmm, Max I guess so. That might ease the pain.

  4. *Lovely piece*....I get three things from it:

    1. Everyone else's life always looks rosier than yours from the outside
    2. We are never content with what we have.
    3. Everybody hurts somehow but in different ways
    I like Maxine's idea of sharing each other's pain..