Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Pendant: Part II

(The parting)

Alas, in the heat of their passion one afternoon

As they struggled out of their garments

The chain that held us broke and I bounced off

She couldn’t stop to search for me, could she?

Not until the red hot lava had cooled

But I was under this heavy mahogany wardrobe

Among the fluff of dust and cobwebs

Oh dear, she’s leaving without me

(The wistful end)

I heard him whisper he would get her another

A shiny new piece all dolled up and fancy

But she wears him with pride, oh how could she?

I thought our love was timeless and endless

Life was so good when it was just she and I

Oh, why did she have to bring him into our lives?

It wouldn’t be so bad if I was lost in her room

But, every night I have to lay here and listen to him snore


  1. thats sad. akin to love given but not returned. replaced so easily. such is the world of material things

  2. are there three people here? I can feel the pain.

  3. Ei Homegirl has to reconsider...the boy doesn't clean his room!! lmao

  4. Mhmm Roach, material things. I hear they have feelings too.;-)

  5. Nana F, yes a woman, a pendant and a man.

  6. Hahaha Shels, you have a soft spot for Pendant huh? Yeah, looks like the guy doesn't clean... and he snores too!

  7. aww, now I'm sad for pendant!

  8. He doesnt clean, he snores and thinks it's OK to just replace things once you've broken them.

    What is she doing with him? Oh the sex is good you say?

    OK Then.

  9. Faf, its good to replace things you break, no?... Remember that this is Pendant's point of view so it may be a little warped with jealousy. Hehehe.