Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tag, I'm it!


This award was passed on by Miss Maxy. I’m to write 7 things about myself and tag a couple(or so) of others to do same. “Hmmm, who will I tag? That’s the first thing going through my mind. I don’t wanna tag someone who doesn’t wanna be tagged, yet… We’ll see how it goes when I’m done.”

  1. I’m still not sure when to use ‘whom’ and when to use ‘who’.
  2. I like Italian food…probably because of all that cheese. Lasagna, pizza, pasta, garlic bread +vinegar & olive oil…love it.
  3. I tend to be rather hot headed and impatient at times. I think I’m getting better at it though.
  4. Though I have a bubbly personality and may be a little talkative, I’m very private about my personal life.
  5. I enjoyed being 23yrs old immensely!
  6. I have a short(ish) attention span. Max 2hrs. I gotta move on.
  7. I haven’t touched my hair with any chemical since Jan 2005! (Well, except what is found in shampoos & Conditioners)

Ok, now I tag





  1. I love pizza a ton too! You, hot headed? no way:P I think 23 is just the age to be..or maybeit's 'cos you're kind of barely out of your teens but not quite in your mid twenties? YAY! For nappy heads! I love your hair! Patiently waiting for mine to grow longer!

  2. oooo I just turned 23 in July..i'm loving it!! Yeah, why would anyone want to pay attention for more than 2hrs? lol. #1, me too..#7, cool!

  3. Yeah, Maxine, if I remember correctly you were one of those people with curly hair so don't worry, it will be very long soon!

  4. Shels, yay to July-borns!
    Enjoy 23, its great! Hair, we will warmly welcome you to the club.:-)