Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Pendant: Part I

(The meeting)

It was love at first sight between us two

I caught her eye as she passed by the shop

She immediately came in and asked to see me

And picked me up with the most delicate fingers

As I lay in her soft smooth palm

I could only imagine how good it would feel

To lie close to her heart and feel its rhythm

To lie between the soft mounds of flesh on her chest

(The affair)

So began our affair of five years

She called me her lucky charm, her love

She daintily fingered me when she was deep in thought

I was never far away from her heart

We loved each other endlessly

But, oh, fate played its nasty cards

I was to be betrayed, I was to be replaced

She and I became she, him and I


  1. ...ain't that a bitch. hehe.

    me likey..

  2. caring is sharing! get over yourself, pendant! Papa's here to play!

  3. Hehehe Maxine, Papa's here to play! Lol.

  4. oh a jealous pendant. why, all the fingering was not enough? lol.
    Seriously, i can't wait to read part 2.