Sunday, August 9, 2009

The waiting room

As I entered the lonely lobby

A classical collection wafted weakly in the air

If it was to pacify patients for the impending ordeal, it failed woefully

Because to my edgy ears it sounded cacophonous

The sullen secretary peered pointedly at me over her horn rimmed glasses

I nervously neared her and demanded the dentist

She lazily listened and rudely replied

“Sit your seat”

Without a blithering blink, and all the while, shuffling sheets

So I teetered toward the seats

And sunk into a soft sofa along the wall

Sweaty palms picked up a peeling pamphlet

Damp hands, despite the chilly atmosphere

Either from of the whirring window unit

Or from the frigid female who sat across from me

Aunt Anxiety whispered to me to tap my feet to calm the nerves

Sullen Secretary shot me and my funny feet a lethal look that almost made me slither silently to the ground


  1. lol... horn rimmed? Why do all sullen secretaries own a pair of these?

  2. haha...the waiting room is always filled with tension no matter the soothing device...hehehe

  3. Sublime alliteration. Aren't you in poetry orbit! :)

  4. So sublime i wouldnt have noticed it if NYA hadnt pointed it out.

  5. Maybe they hand it to them in secretaryship school as they take the class 'Bi-a-tch 101'! Hehehe, sorry.:)

  6. Nana Fredua, true. Especially when its the doctor with the drills! They shouldn't bother, if you ask me!

  7. NYA, poetry orbit. Am I? Wow, thanks. I'll keep on keeping on!

  8. Faf, sublime so it doesn't become a tongue twister. Hope you liked it.

  9. It sad that the customer service is even worse where we need it the most..the hospital waiting room.
    ps. I also like the underG alliteration. Almost didn't notice .. till like line 5 or sum'n.

  10. waiting is something i don't like especially when i'm waiting for something i wish to avoid, and people are giving me poor service, and the magazines are old and worn and when i'm trying to calm my nerves they get pissed!

    thank you for sharing

  11. Ah, Roach, you have summed it up nicely! Thank you for sharing.;-)

  12. hahahaha!

    i love the feet on floor doing the tapping!

    it gives something to the ear as rhythm.
    and how wonderfully it's able to contain all the boiling within!

    hah! breathe, dear one!

  13. Hehehe Novisi, I'm breathing now! But the boiling within was not contained for long! Not at all.